April 11, 2022 Baseball sized hail that hit Fort Smith, along I40, and North of Little Rock

April 15, 2022

The supercell storm that ravaged Fort Smith and parts of Arkansas is a historical hail swath with massive amounts of roof and vehicle damage. 

This means that hail claims are going to start pouring in. Any hail over 1.25 inch can cause significant damage. Areas such as Bloomer, Charleston, Lavaca, Paris, Delaware, and Liberty were hit with hail as large as baseballs. 

This sort of damage breaks windows/windshields, dents vehicles, cracks shingles and siding and can immediately start to leak. It is advisable to have areas covered with a tarp to prevent interior damage. 

The first round of hail started in the west with Le Flore County around Arkham, Pecola, and Cofee dropping 2 inch stones.

This first round occurred around 5pm with a second round hitting Fort Smith and North eastern Sebastian county from Central city to Bloomer. 

2″ inch hail then pummeled the areas from Caulksville to Paris, with more at Subiaco to Shoal Creek as well as Midway/New Blaine.1 

Areas north of Little Rock such as Cabot, Conway, Greenbrier, Morrilton, and Searcy were hit also by varying sized hail. 

The hail swaths are an approximate location for the relative position of where the hail fell so it is advisable to have your roof checked even if you think the damage is not significant enough to warrant a roof replacement. 

It seemed the storm fell followed the route of Interstate 40 alongside the Arkansas river. This begs the question if Arkansas is going to see more storms this year or in the future. 

Homeowners should expect increases in premiums and changes to their deductible amounts of the storms do become more frequent. 

We recommend to always review your policy before purchasing it to make sure that deductibles are not too high and to watch for exclusions, see our articles about “How to choose an insurance policy.” 

Before having your insurance adjuster out, call a Haag certified roofer who can properly assess your roof for damage. Unnecessarily calling your insurance carrier without first getting an expert opinion wastes the insurance companies time and energy. Adjusters are very busy directly following storms and it is not recommended to call them without having a certified, licensed roofer to keep them honest. 

There is a 3 year statue of limitations from the date of the storm to file a claim in Arkansas. Nevertheless it is not good to wait as hail can start to leak and cause more problems over time. 

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